Ignitis Polska continues to develop its activities and is starting to trade in the Dutch gas trading platform TTF

Ignitis Polska, which is a subsidiary company of Ignitis, started 2021 with an international development. The company started trading in the Dutch gas trading platform TTF in mid-February.


Ignitis Polska is looking for an independent member of Supervisory Board

Ignitis Polska, a subsidiary of Ignitis in Poland, announced a selection process for the position of independent member of Supervisory Board, in order to ensure a further successful growth of the company.


Diana Kazakevič is the new CEO of Ignitis Polska

Ignitis Polska, a subsidiary of Ignitis, chose their new Chair of the Board and General Manager. The position was filled by Diana Kazakevič, who worked in Ignitis Group as the Head of Polish Region since 2018.


Ignitis expands its operations in Poland

Ignitis Polska, a Polish subsidiary of Ignitis, entered the country’s market of electricity and natural gas supply for business customers.


Ignitis Group’s long-term corporate strategy: creating an Energy Smart world

Ignitis Group, the international energy company, announces its updated long-term corporate strategy and strategic plan for the period 2020–2023.


Geton Energy joined Nasdaq Commodities OMX in Scandinavia

Geton Energy, the company of the group of energy companies of Lietuvos Energija since 2017 operating on the wholesale electricity market of Poland, has joined Nasdaq Commodities OMX exchange in Scandinavia.


Diana Kazakevič joins Customer Advisory Board of Nord Pool

Ms Diana Kazakevič, Chairwoman of the Board at Geton Energy Sp. z o. o., has become a member of the Customer Advisory Board of Nord Pool, one of Europe’s largest power markets.