About us

We are

Subsidiary of „Ignitis“, belonging to „Ignitis group“ group which is one of the largest in the Baltic States.

Our vision

  • Value for the country
  • Innovations and investments
  • International expansion

Ignitis group, which includes Ignitis Polska, strategic directions 2019-2030:

  • Sustainable development – Direction to international growth through strategic power generation, green energy, development of commercial organisation and creating of new energy.
  • Quality and efficiency - Improving customer service, infrastructure quality, further clear group activities.
  • Transparency – Maintain the top transparency standards in Ignitis activities.

Our Group’s operating policies

Social responsibility


Zero tolerance for corruption

Occupational safety and health

Managing Director

Marek Musiał

CEO of Ignitis Polska

Chairwoman of the Board

Diana Kazakevič

Head of Region, Poland at Ignitis Group